Spinal's World of Warcraft Videos

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Spinal's World of Warcraft Videos

Post by Spinal on Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:11 am

Spinal & Marajade does a 1 hour and 45 mins long arena match (BC/NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE!)

Spinal & Marajade fails at Onyxia (BC)

Spinal gets 47821 honor in 1 day (BC)

Spinal shows hes way to earn fast gold (BC)

Spinals guide to get the Winterspring Frostsaber (BC)

Spinal's Mount Collection (BC)

Spinal's most watched wow video on youtube (don't ask me why)

Spinal's Druid twink makes a Hat-Trick

Spinal shows that it is indeed possible to kill ppl with keyboard turning

Dawn, the end


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