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Spinal's Multiboxing Guide Empty Spinal's Multiboxing Guide

Post by Spinal on Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:22 am

you should know before you read the rest of this guide that you need atleast 4g ram to multibox.

1) get 5 wow accounts

you can do it on retail, but that will cost alot...
or you can do it for free on molten
(I multibox on Sargeras)

2) get keyclone

it cost 19.99

or dl it for free on piratebay

3) get jamba (addon)

it's not a must, but it will help out

4) now it's time to set up some macros, I use thease for my shammys

/focus Spinal (make 5 of thease with the name of all 5 characters you have (replace my name), put them on f8-f12 so all characters will focus on the one you have on the big screen)
/follow focus
/cast [target=focustarget] Lightning Bolt (same macro for all spells, just change the name of the spell)

you need to put thease macros on the same spot on all characters, for example... My fast key for follow is 1, so all 5 characters have follow on 1.

and thats it, now you should be able to multibox Smile have fun!

Spinal's Multiboxing Guide Wowscrnshot083110080328

Spinal's Multiboxing Guide Spinalsig6

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